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My name is Linda and I grew up here in Arizona and I went many years trying to find an optometrist that actually could help me read a newspaper. Everybody has said, I can give you a nice pair of glasses – trifocals. They cost over a thousand dollars. My old friend from high school I ran across her and I said I have the best doctor that gives you the most comprehensive exam you will find anywhere. He has the top technology. He doesn't go by just by a reading chart, he actually does it all the computerized and you can tell exactly what your vision is any type of any problems with the topography. I came to him, he told me not only I can get you to read a newspaper, I can get 20/20 vision and he was a miracle come true to be able to get my eye sight back. For twenty years I was blind in the shower, lost my glasses, couldn't see anything, kind of scary and he has been the most wonderful doctor. He doesn't mind you calling him. He doesn't mind you asking lots of questions. He never seems to be bothered. He's always in a good mood. I highly recommend him for anybody that wants to improve their vision because it improves your quality of life. He's been a miracle worker for me. I call him my miracle worker doctor and I really don't think there is another Mark Page in the valley because anyone that lives here I highly recommend him because he will make you see better just like they advertise.