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How do you help your child be successful? This book contains valuable insights into how diet, exercises and behaviors can help your child succeed. This can be especially helpful for kids that are nearsighted, or whose parents are nearsighted. You will learn what you can do to reduce your child's chances of needing glasses. If your child already wears glasses and it is getting worse you will also learn about different procedures and technologies that can help slow it down or may even stop it from getting worse for some kids. There is an epidemic that is sweeping the world and it may result in devastating financial and emotional costs for our children. Get your copy today and start taking back control. We need to control myopia now before it's too late.

About the Author

Dr. Page has been an Optometrist for more than twenty-five years. He has devoted his career to finding a better way. His grandmother was blind for the last five years of her life, and after he became a doctor, his father went blind in one eye. One of his older brothers had his retina tear in two places. Dr. Page is passionate about protecting his family’s and his patients’ eyes for a lifetime of good vision. He and his wife Gina are the proud parents of five rescue dogs and one rescue cat, and they all get along amazingly well. g with his friends, traveling to family events, reading and spending time in Maui with his wife. He started Arizona's Vision in 1994. Read More

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